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Custom made clothing delivered in 7- 10 days via Ship Rocket guaranteed.

Payment Safety

Tailor Up ensures that your credit card and personal information is safe with us. We follow standardized security measures and process all payments via third party payment processor to ensure maximum e- safety. We do not store the CVV number of your card, even if you save the card for subsequent purchases.

  • What payment options do I have?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards and purchases made using Tailor Up gift cards.

  • What currency is used to make purchases?

    Presently, we carry out transaction in the Indian Rupee. Once we go global, we will accept payments through International currencies as well.

  • Does Tailor Up also provide Gift cards?

    We sure do. You can purchase Tailor Up gift cards @ and present your loved ones with the gift of bespoke clothing.

  • I have a Tailor Up gift card, how should I use it?

    You can use your gift card to purchase the garment of your choice at the Tailor Up portal by entering the unique code (at the back of the card or received through mail) during checkout and payment.