The best suits are built on accurate measurements. At Tailor Up, all garments are stitched according to your unique measurements and body type. For the ones based in Delhi and NCR, our stylists will pay you a personal visit at the place and time of your convenience to take down the 12 essential measurements to tailor up made to measure clothing.

The ones from the rest of India can Log in to the Tailor Up Website and use our online customization services to build an online profile of their measurements. You can follow our step by step online measurement guide to help you take your body measurements.

Once your order is placed, one of our Master Tailors will take your body measurements and create a made to measure garment just for you.

  • Do I need a Tailor to make my measurements?

    If you reside in Delhi or NCR, you can book a visit from our stylists to come and take your measurements. If you belong to the rest of India, please follow our online measurement guide to take the essential measurements with the help of a friend.

  • Can I use the measurements from a suit I own?

    Afraid not. We would request you to take your actual body measurements as measurements from a suit might not get the made to measure fit we strive to deliver.

  • How do I ensure the measurements I take are accurate?

    stylists review your measurements before they start building your garments. In case you feel that minor alterations are required, it’s on us. Rest assured, we strive to deliver the perfect fit.

  • Why do my measurements look different than the ones I submitted online?

    The measurements that you submit are body measurements, which are treated as the baseline. Our smart algorithms convert your body measurements into clothing measurements, based on which the garment stitching takes place. The measurements visible to you are the clothing measurements.

  • My ‘Off the Rack’ clothing measurements do not match the numbers listed online. Is there a mistake?

    There is no mistake. Off the rack clothing measurements varies a lot and is quite different from our measurements.

  • Are my body measurements available online in my account profile?

    No. Only your garment measurements are available on your account profile. In case you need to alter your body measurements, give us a call at +91 9560763255

  • Can I change the body measurements in my account profile?

    Changing your body measurements can be risky, so we’d like to talk to you about it first. Please give us a call at +91 9560763255.

  • Can I change my body measurements in my account profile?

    Changing your body measurements can affect the whole fit of your garment and we would suggest you to talk to us in case you require any changes,Please give us a call at +91 9560763255.

  • Can I upload multiple measurements on a single profile?

    A single profile can be uploaded with only a single set of measurements. You can create a new profile for a different set of measurements.

  • I was contact to redo my measurements. Is there a problem?

    Our smart algorithms create approximate measurements based on your age, height and weight. In case the measurements entered by you differ widely from these computer generated measurements, we contact you to be doubly sure.

  • How can I review my measurements before placing an order?

    You can log in to your Tailor Up account and review your measurements by going on to the measurements page.